10 Ways to Improve Your Management Style

1. Grow to be flexible

A stubborn boss is bad for business, there are no two ways about this. They lack approachability which can limit the effectiveness of their leadership as employees feel as though their ideas and suggestions are undervalued. Try to remain open to new ideas, embrace new opportunities and most importantly be flexible to change.

2. Letting go

One of the key characteristics of a CEO is the need for control, whether that be over plans or people. Whilst this is important, it is vital to do so in a way which is calm and collected, employees will respect you more if you can show that you are open to delegation as it indicated a level of trust between you.

3. Make a decision

The hallmark of a good leader is the ability to make a decision, after all someone has to do it. This isn't to say jump into things irrationally, of course take your time to think things through, just make a decision.

4. Be approachable.

Many managers believe they should lead by fear, by creating a distance between them and employees they can maintain power and strong leadership. However, this model is outdated and has proved to be ineffective, by all means personify professionalism but don't create a barrier between you and employees. They want to see you as an approachable individual who is open to listening to their suggestions and advice.

5. Macro-manage, not micro-manage

Micromanagement can impede individuals personal growth, have trust in the system and your employees to develop on their own accord. This doesn't mean to say you should neglect smaller aspects of the business, it is important to show and interest and to monitor them, just do so from afar and only intervene when is necessary. This situation is analogous to a child learning to walk, if you try to stabilise them everytime they will never learn, that doesn't mean to say that you shouldn't be looking on from a distance incase they fall.

6. Banish favoritism

It is a natural part of the human condition to be drawn to certain people more than others and to create a stronger connection with them. As a manager it is important to disguise any favoritism as this can demoralise the whole of the team.

7. Stay humble

Try to stay grounded, whilst being a manager comes with a lot of status and financial benefits, people will respect you more if you stay humble and true to yourself.

8. Accountability

As a manager you will often make decisions, and not all of these decisions will have benenificial outcomes. Your employees and customers will respect you more if you are accountable and do not point the blame on others.

9. Positive vibes

Walking around the office with a face like thunder is not good for business, not only does it make you appear unapproachable, it can also spread negativity around the office as a whole which is not conducive to productivity.

10. Emotion

Try to base decisions on data and not emotions, data is based on evidence which is always better to rely on and can be used to justify your decisions more easily.

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