5 signs that you need a business coach

1. Feeling overwhelmed

Often it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when working in a busy and pressurized environment. If you're feeling this way, it is important to ask youself whether the work you do on a day-to-day basis is moving you closer towards your goal. Business owners, more often than not, spend too much time on tasks that aren't productive, despite how it may seem in the moment.

The role of the business coach is to objectively analyse your daily tasks and how you do them. They can then create a list which orders which tasks should be delegated and how you can effectively perform the tasks that need to stay under your purview.

2. The future looks cloudy

Do any of these cases resonate with you?

• Lack of clarity regarding your role

• Confusion as to what day-to-day tasks should be within your remit.

• You have no clear objectives or strategies identified.

CEOs are typically jacks of all trades and have their hands in all aspects of the business, this is often problematic, particularly when it comes to start ups. It can often make them feel a greater sense of anxiety and stress which can simply be avoided by appropriate delegation to a lower-level employee.

The role of the business coach is to enable you to identify your role and responsibilities as CEO. Writing out your responsibilities in alongside your business’ strategic goals can help you directly connect your activities with the outcome you’d like based on the goals. A business coach can also help you let go of the impulse to do everything in the company.

3. Stuck in a rut Have you been feeling a lack of entrepreneurial spirit? A lack of motivation to try new techniques and ventures? Trying new things can often be a daunting process but employing a business coach can give you guidance with brainstorming and implementing a strategic plan to successfully grow your business.

4. You require greater personal accountability Often we write down goals and fail to achieve them, we tend to put this down to the goals being too unattainable. However, it is important to consider whether you as an individual are doing everything you can to meet them. Everyone knows it’s all too easy to break a promise to yourself.

Having a business coach gives you someone to be accountable to, as a CEO or manager it is often hard to find this within yourself. In addition to this they can often critically analyse your tasks objectively and identify where you’re losing time and effort.

5. It is time to develop new skills No matter what stage you are at in your professional career, there is always room to develop. Having strong leadership skills at the helm of the company will only improve your company's culture and success. Leadership doesn’t have to be — and shouldn’t be — the only skill you want to develop as a business owner. The key to keeping your business ahead of the curve is to expand your skillset beyond this to negotiating, finance or a new technology.

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