Ways to keep customers after a free trial

Offering a free trial to customers is a great incentive for them to get involved in what you have to offer, but once the trial is over, many don’t continue using the chargeable service. Here are some nifty tips that you can use to help encourage them to stick with you after the trial period is over. 

1. Require a credit card

For most people considering a free trial, they will gladly put down their credit card details, but will ensure that they cancel the subscription once the trial has ended. However, not everyone does this, some lazy users forget to cancel the trial which automatically signs them up for a paid membership. However, this is not the main reason as to why you should require a credit card, after all the revenue from this will be fairly insignificant. Through using verifiable credit cards you can track and analyze users with greater ease. 

One way to make the most of this is to pair an automatically converting membership with a clear money back guarantee. This makes it much easier for users to follow through and get their money back if they continue on for one month paid, but still decide your service isn’t right.

2. Vary trial periods 

To identify the optimal time it takes to turn trial users into paying customers you must play around with different trial period lengths as these can produce different rates of engagement. One way to do this is through allowing users to choose their own trial period without risk. In the same way you may offer different subscription options, consider providing three unique trial period points. Use this method for a limited time to obtain critical, honest user feedback about the right trial period for your product.

3. Scrap the trial alltogether 

An alternative, and somewhat more effective method, is to offer full time yet limited access. This method works especially well for subscription-based services because it teases users into wanting more.

4. Ensure your landing page is clear

When signing up for a trial, users want to feel as though it is easy and stress free to cancel, a complicated and messy website will certainly put users off. You may want to consider testing out variations of your trial sign up page landing content, and use the analytics to determine the associations between the trial page and the actual number of customers retained. 

5. Encourage inactive users

Send automated emails that note their inactivity and offer resources to help get them going again. This shows that you’re invested in their experience and reminds them to make full use of their trial. 

6. Education

Make your service as easy and as user friendly as possible, offer tutorials or demos to help them to get the best out of the service. Once they feel comfortable using it, they are much less likely to search elsewhere for a similar service. The more resources you make available, the more likely users will find value in your service.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to converting potential clients?

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